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Surge Notify has eight different methods of wealth creation. We provide you with all the resources and support you need.

What We Teach Within Surge Notify:

  • Amazon FBA

    Utilise the resources within Surge and learn how to become the next 6 or 7-figure seller on the world's largest marketplace. Gain valuable tips and tricks from members like Micheal, a 7-figure-a-year Amazon seller.

  • Crypto

    Whether you are a complete beginner or you have been through a bull market or two, receive 24/7 alerts, tips and analysis to profitably navigate around the crypto market.

  • Forex

    Navigate the world's largest financial market with confidence as you follow seasoned forex trader’s master analysis. Master currency trading strategies in Forex, tap into global trends and capitalise on exchange rate fluctuations like a pro.

  • Trainer Reselling

    One of the most popular side hustles and where Surge all began. Take advantage of hype culture and unlock the secrets of sourcing, selling and profiting from limited edition pieces.

  • Event Reselling

    From sold-out concerts to must-see sporting events, there's a constant demand for last-minute tickets. Dive into event reselling and become the trusted source for all the latest events.

  • Low-key Flips

    Utilise the guides and software within Surge to find arbitrage opportunities. Buy low and sell for a tidy profit on platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Facebook marketplace.

  • Risk-Free Betting

    Play the odds without the usual risks. Embrace strategies like matched betting to experience the rewards of gambling minus the risk and uncertainty.

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What you can expect as a member:

Diverse Money-Making Opportunities

Access eight proven wealth creation methods, from Amazon FBA to risk-free betting. We provide you with the tools and guidance to make a full-time income.

Expert Guidance and Support

Connect with successful entrepreneurs who have mastered their fields. Gain insights directly from the experts and access 24/7 support from our dedicated team.

Like-Minded Community

Join a thriving community of individuals who share your ambitions. Build valuable connections, collaborate on projects, and learn together as you achieve financial success.

Comprehensive Resources

Gain access to a wealth of information and resources worth thousands of pounds. We equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Flexibility and Freedom

Enjoy the freedom to cancel your membership anytime, risk-free. We give you the power to choose what's best for your financial journey.

No Experience Required

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, our resources cater to all levels of expertise.

Potential for Unlimited Gains

With our guidance, you can tap into lucrative markets, leverage financial strategies, and scale your income to the next level.

Real-Life Money Glitch

Experience a paradigm shift in your financial journey. Surge Notify is your gateway to endless opportunities.

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